Charlie Cook: 2020 Presidential Election Predictions


This is a preview of a full length pre-recorded talk with Charlie Cook.

Well-known pollster, Charlie Cook, dives into his predictions for the upcoming presidential race. With decades of experience calling elections both local and national, Cook and his team at Cook Political Report are extremely well-versed in dealing with twists and turns. During this time of coronavirus and quarantines, Cook breaks down how today's world will impact tomorrow's future. 

Beginning with the voter turnout, Cook calls that the 2020 election will boast the largest voter turnout ever. The trend over the last two major election cycles have indicated that the number will only keep rising as more and more citizens become impacted and impassioned by politics. 

Then Cook turns to the most important determinant in politics--the economy. With a brief historical background on the economy and the dialogue surrounding it, Cook says this is the biggest issue for most voters and most candidates.

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Election Handicapper

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Charlie Cook is widely regarded as one of the nation’s leading authorities on U.S. elections and political trends. Charlie founded the independent, non-partisan Cook Political Report in 1984, serving as Editor and Publisher until August 1, 2021 when Amy Walter took over those roles, ownership and management of the venerable newsletter. Charlie remains a contributor to the renamed “Cook Political Report with Amy Walter,” writes a weekly column for National Journal, and serves as a political analyst for both National Journal and NBC News.