Charlie Cook: How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Political Landscape


Charlie Cook, a well known public opinion expert, called “the man who knows more about politics than anyone else” by The Washingtonian and “the Picasso of election analysis” by the Wall Street Journal examines how COVID-19 has impacted the political landscape.

The question everyone wants to know: how the current environment will manifest itself in relation to United States Presidential election 2020? Cook examines polls that are telling us, not much has changed in the eyes of voters. He demonstrates that tribalization and hyper-partisan perspectives haven’t been altered much by the current health and social impacts of COVID-19, in relation to major platform issues. Cook also explores what role the economy might play, which states are the focal points of the 2020 election and the issues that could sway swing voters. 

In relation to the congressional elections, Cook examines how this cycle, drastically differs from 2018. His years of insight and in-depth knowledge on the ever-evolving landscape, as well as his acute awareness of candidates, platforms, and voters tells us that there are enough seats in play that could make the Senate race close!

Cook is known for his encyclopedic knowledge and balanced nonpartisan perspective. To learn more about Cook’s speech topics and how they could apply to your organization’s next in person or virtual meeting you can visit his speaking page, e-mail or call us at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

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Charlie Cook is a political analyst and commentator, the publisher of the Cook Political Report, and a columnist for the National Journal. For more than two decades he has been a trusted and accurate voice on all things political. Once deemed “the Picasso of election analysis” by the Wall Street Journal, Cook’s expertise and encyclopedic knowledge of American politics has been featured on myriad news outlets. Using poll numbers, economic indicators, and historical data, Cook discusses today’s political and legislative environments in a balanced, non-partisan way.