Charlie Linville:Ex-Marine and amputee sets his sights on scaling Mount Everest

Charlie Linville:Ex-Marine and amputee sets his sights on scaling Mount Everest


In this video, ex-Marine and amputee, Charlie Linville, sets his sights on scaling Mount Everest. Linville lost part of his leg in Afghanistan and arrived in Tibet for a new and dangerous challenge. With the help of The Heroes Project, Charlie Linville hopes to be the first combat amputee to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 

Sgt. Charles Linville became the first combat-wounded veteran to summit Mount Everest after a three year journey of intensive training and unwavering determination. Linville was injured in 2011 while serving as a bomb technician during his second tour in Afghanistan. On that fateful day in January, when two of his comrades stepped on I.E.D.s, Linville was sent in to do a post-blast analysis. Refusing to leave his men and their gear behind, he put his own life at risk to sweep the area and recover what remained. Linville discusses his personal journey from Marine Corps soldier to bomb technician to wounded veteran, and his courageous decision to amputate his right foot after a 14-month-long stay in the hospital- an injury for which he received a Purple Heart award.

First Combat-Wounded Veteran to Summit Mount Everest, Former Marine EOD (Bomb) Technician

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Charlie Linville is the first combat wounded veteran to summit Mount Everest and complete the Seven Summits. Linville's 2014 attempt to scale Mount Everest was cut short after a deadly avalanche. In 2015, an earthquake caused severe damage in the region and led to the cancellation of climbing season; Linville and his team assisted in recovery efforts. Linville lost his foot to a below-the-knee amputation in 2013 after an IED blast in Afghanistan where he was a member of a bomb disposal unit.