Charlotte Blank: That Extra 10%

Charlotte Blank: That Extra 10%


In this video, Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer at Maritz, demonstrates with real world examples how to best get that extra 10% from employees. She gives the inside scoop on intrinsic motivation and how it relates to you and your company.

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Chief Behavioral Officer at Maritz

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Charlotte Blank is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Jaguar Land Rover North America. In her previous role, she was the Chief Behavioral Officer of Maritz. She led the company’s practice of behavioral science and innovation, through expert applications of social psychology and behavioral economics. In this effort, Charlotte strived to forge the connection between academic theory and applied business practice, elevating the use of field research to better make sense of human behavior in the evolving marketplace. Charlotte has led programs in neuromarketing, social media, and global branding during her ten years in the media and automotive industries, in which she worked in Innovation for Turner Broadcasting and various marketing roles for General Motors.