Chris Fussell on Calculated Risk in Niger

Chris Fussell on Calculated Risk in Niger


A deadly ambush of four U.S. troops in Niger, as well as Nigerien soldiers, has renewed scrutiny of the American military presence in Africa. In this video, former Navy SEAL, Chris Fussell, explains why these missions can be so dangerous. 

Chris Fussell is a former Navy SEAL Officer and President at McChrystal Group, an elite advisory services firm that improves the performance of organizations by building adaptable teams capable of solving the world’s most complex leadership challenges. Fussell leads the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute, where he leverages his Special Operations experience and expertise in cross-functional collaboration to train leaders and build effective teams within large, dispersed organizations. In addition to being a New York Times best-selling author, he regularly does media interviews, gives keynote speeches, and presents to business leaders at roundtables and panels. Chris is the author of the new book, One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams, a follow-up to the best-selling book, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World, which he co-authored alongside General Stanley McChrystal. One Mission aims to equip organizations with a game plan for building an agile and powerful team of teams completely aligned and moving towards the same goal.

President at McChrystal Group, Best-selling Author, Leadership Expert, and Former US Navy SEAL Officer

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Chris Fussell is a former Navy SEAL Officer and the current President at McChrystal Group, a premier leadership and management consulting firm founded by General McChrystal and fellow SEAL David Silverman. Fussell leads the company’s sales, branding, and client relations teams, bringing his Special Operations experience and his expertise in cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing within large, dispersed organizations.