Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown: The Unsold Mindset

Coggins and Brown Reel


In this video, mindset advisors, USC professors, and authors Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown reveal the unique traits shared by the world’s greatest leaders and salespeople.

On a mission to change the way the world thinks about sales, Colin and Garrett introduce audiences to “The Unsold Mindset,” their unique approach to sales, leadership, and personal development that empowers people to reframe their mindsets to further their purpose and achieve incredible results by showing up as their most authentic selves.

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Leadership & Sales Mindset Advisors, Popular USC Professors of Entrepreneurship

Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown are on a mission to change the way not only salespeople, but also the world, think and feel about sales. They are the creators of “The Unsold Mindset,” a unique philosophy for growing sales and revenue that focuses on authenticity, emotional intelligence, personal development, and building positive, contagious cultures far beyond just the sales teams for success.