Curt Cronin On The Speed Of Trust | LAI


Expert on leading high-performance teams, Curt Cronin discusses the value of trusting your leaders and teammates. Cronin explains why trust gives you the ability to respond to any situation effectively and efficiently. By the book definition, leadership is the essence of operating uncertain, chaotic environments, requiring implicit communication, trusting relationships, and the use of trust leaders. 

Over his 19-year-long career as a Navy SEAL, Curt Cronin deployed 13 times and spent more than four years overseas. In that time, living and working in an environment where milliseconds made the difference between life and death and winning and losing, he honed his talent as a catalyst for transformation and rose to eventually lead the nation’s premier SEAL assault force. As a SEAL leader, he maximized his team’s effectiveness by forging unique and unlikely alliances. He transformed an offensive unit of Navy SEALs into a defensive Presidential protection unit in the midst of combat and single-handedly created the model for multi-disciplinary counter-terrorism operations out of a widely disparate patchwork of organizations as part of an Embassy team in the Middle East. Curt’s experiences as a SEAL reinforced his fundamental belief that the competitive edge for any organization in the information age is neither technology nor information, but the unparalleled power of an aligned team. Curt addresses the art of leadership, organizational change for the information age, and the talent of harnessing your own courage and heroism to inspire and empower individuals and teams.

Expert on Leading High-Performance Teams, Former Navy SEAL

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Curt spent more than 13 years as a Navy SEAL and was deployed 13 times, spending more than four years overseas. While at SEAL Team ONE, he deployed to the PACIFIC and CENTCOM areas of operation and was personally selected to command the personal security detail for the President of Iraq. Curt is the co-founder of global consulting firm Ridgeline Partners, a top five graduate of the United States Naval Academy and has received the Bronze Star with Valor, Bronze Star medal, and three Distinguished Meritorious Service Medals while serving in the U.S. Navy.