Dakota Meyer: What Is Your Purpose?


In this video, motivational speaker and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer talks about the roles that purpose and accountability have played in his life.

Describing how defining “what’s your why” helps to create a purpose-driven life, Dakota shares how his daughter is his inspiration to help make the world around him a better place. He inspires audiences to stay focused on a purpose – looking at what’s ahead rather than into the past, in order to stay hungry and persevere.

Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer is a United States Marine Corps veteran and is the first living Marine since 1973 to receive the military’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the book, Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War. Meyer earned his medal for his actions during the Battle of Ganjigal, which was part of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Humble and propelled by a respect for his fallen comrades, Meyer insists that he is not a hero, and that any Marine would do the same thing.

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Medal of Honor Recipient & New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Sergeant Dakota Meyer is a Marine Corps veteran and the recipient of the Medal of Honor, the military’s highest honor. He is the first living marine to have received the medal since 1973 and is also one of the youngest. Through five successive missions, he helped save the lives of 13 American and 23 Afghan troops. President Barack Obama awarded Meyer the medal on September 15, 2011. Meyer was also inducted into the Hall of Heroes at the Pentagon. He addresses motivation, courage, leadership, believing in yourself, doing what is right, and what happened that day in Afghanistan.