In this video, Daniel Waisberg talks to Avinash Kaushik about telling stories with data in a business context. Avinash starts by describing how he works with large companies to help them create digital strategies and create positive relationships. He then goes on to discuss his business framework See-Think-Do-Care () and the role of data visualization during the decision making process (read more )

Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google

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Avinash helps executive teams, marketers and data analysts leverage innovative digital strategies and emerging technologies to outsmart their competitors. He’s the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, and a passionate teacher who shares his perspective frequently via multiple channels: a weekly newsletter (The Marketing Analytics Intersect), a bi-monthly blog (Occam’s Razor) and two best-selling books that have been translated into over a dozen languages . Currently, he is delving into all the ways artificial intelligence can speed up the generation of insights to inform strategy and automate day-to-day decision-making. Over the last couple years, he has lead and contributed to application of machine learning algorithms, both inside Google and for external developers.