David Wasserman: GOP Incumbents Running In This Climate

David Wasserman: GOP Incumbents Running In This Climate


In this video, US House Editor for the Cook Political Report, David Wasserman, discusses potential challenges for GOP incumbents running in the 2018 midterm elections. He also speaks about the effect that Paul Ryan's decision not to seek reelection and how it will impact the midterm elections.

David Wasserman is the U.S. House editor and senior election analyst for the non-partisan newsletter, The Cook Political Report, and a contributor to NBC News. Founded in 1984, The Cook Political Report provides analyses of U.S. presidential, Senate, House, and gubernatorial races. The New York Times called The Cook Political Report “a newsletter that both parties regard as authoritative.” Wasserman analyzes the current political environment in lively and entertaining presentations that he can tailor to his audiences’ specific interests or locales. His data-driven forecasting looks at both national and local trends (if requested, he can even do a district-by-district outlook), the relationship between consumer brand loyalty and voting, and what the future holds for American elections.

House Editor of The Cook Political Report

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David Wasserman is the US House editor and senior election analyst for the independent, non-partisan publication, the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter. A prominent election analyst respected and trusted by Republicans and Democrats as accurate and impartial, David's expert commentary regularly appears on TV outlets and in major publications. Called “whip smart” and “scrupulously nonpartisan” by The Los Angeles Times, he analyzes the current political environment, looking at both national and local politics, what the future holds for both political parties, the three critical trends that affect voting, and the 12 clusters of voters that affect voting. Incorporating up-to-date examples from the past week of news and fascinating political facts, Wasserman’s presentations are lively, entertaining, and interesting, and he uses relevant analogies that are as smart as they are memorable.