Dennis Miller Talks about Dinner with Frank Sinatra

Dennis Miller Talks about Dinner with Frank Sinatra


In this video, comedian Dennis Miller, tells a funny story about meeting Frank Sinatra. Miller shared dinner with Sinatra where he brought his nanny since his wife was feeling ill. 

After eight very successful years, Dennis Miller has completed his nationally syndicated Westwood One (formerly Dial Global) Radio talk show, “The Dennis Miller Show” which aired five days a week. He is also a regular contributor for “The O’Reilly Factor” on the FOX News Channel. It’s been said that Miller is “One of the premiere comedy talents in America today…”  While others are blunt in assessing Miller’s comedic stature, Dennis himself makes a virtue of understatement, but there is nothing low-key about his career.

Miller is a five-time Emmy award winner for his critically acclaimed half-hour, live talk show “Dennis Miller Live” which had a nine year run on HBO. Miller also garnered three Writer’s Guild of America Awards for the series as well as an additional WGA Award for his 1997 HBO special, “Dennis Miller: Citizen Arcane.”  Additionally, he wrote and starred in the Emmy-nominated cable comedy special “Raw Feed.”  That show, along with the six other standup specials he did for HBO from 1988-2006, is featured in the recently released DVD set, “Dennis Miller: The HBO Specials.” His eighth special for HBO, “Dennis Miller: The Big Speech” debuted last year and is now also available on DVD.  He was the host and executive producer of CNBC’s “Dennis Miller,” a topical interview talk show featuring reasoned discourse, opinion and humor.  Additionally, Miller has appeared on many politically oriented television talk shows.

An actor, comedian, sports commentator, and Emmy Award-winner, Dennis Miller is known as for his voice behind the desk of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" and as the former host of his own television talk show. A recognizable face in comedy and film, Miller's brilliant stand-up, razor-sharp wit, and his creative rants result in edgy hilarity and lively audiences.
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