Dennis Miller Talks about Dinner with Frank Sinatra

Dennis Miller Talks about Dinner with Frank Sinatra


Set in Las Vegas, Dennis Miller is invited to see Frank Sinatra perform live with his wife, children, and nanny. Unbeknownst to them, Sinatra had taken a liking to Miller from his performances on television. Miller and his family are invited to have dinner with Sinatra in the most exclusive table on the entire Vegas Strip. The dinner includes a signed autograph to the nanny whose name is misspelled in the most outrageous way, Sinatra woos Miller’s mother with complements, and Miller himself gets a loving slap in the face from the legend.

Told during his latest comedy special, “The Big Speech”, Miller makes biting remarks about the office of the president as well as meeting his idol Don Rickles. From this clip, Miller infuses political commentary, personal stories, and a knack for weaving a narrative together to bring audiences to their feet.

Dennis Miller is an Emmy Award winning comic who has captivated audiences for decades. From his radio shows, late night appearances, or his award-winning show, Dennis Miller Live on HBO, his career has been cemented with constant awards and praise. Spanning decades of observations, Miller is still able to be a savvy commentator on current events all while retaining his ubiquitous comedic eye. He has even been able to translate this humor and perspective into four New York Times best-selling novels.

To learn more about his work in and outside of the comedic space, visit Dennis Miller’s speaker profile.

An actor, comedian, sports commentator, and Emmy Award-winner, Dennis Miller is known as for his voice behind the desk of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" and as the former host of his own television talk show. A recognizable face in comedy and film, Miller's brilliant stand-up, razor-sharp wit, and his creative rants result in edgy hilarity and lively audiences.
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