Dirk Beveridge Trailer

Dirk Beveridge Trailer


In this video, leading expert on sales and customer-focused strategies, Dirk Beveridge, brings your strategy to life and life to your meeting. He energizes crowds and entertains with his infectious passion and enthusiasm. He doesn't just give talks, he creates an experience—long remembered. He consistently ranks as one of the top speakers at corporate and sales events, industry conferences and summits. He supports a variety of strategic initiatives with topics covering sales, marketing, customer focus, leadership, courage, perseverance and cultural revitalization among others.

Dirk Beveridge is one of the nation’s foremost business speakers, delivering messages that help organizations and individuals unleash their true potential. He works with firms to bring their strategy to life through keynotes, summits, and workshops as well as through his consulting firm, 4th Generation Systems.

As president and chief executive officer of 4th Generation Systems, Dirk and his team help manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and services firms become more competitive and provide deeper value to customers.

In addition to being a tireless entrepreneur and in-demand professional speaker, he also runs the non-profit organization We Do Care, which provides tangible support for our men and women in uniform, veterans and military families. When he has a chance to catch his breath, you’ll find him either training for his next Ironman competition, writing his next book or enjoying time with his family. He also was a U.S. congressional candidate.

Dirk has helped transform the potential within many leading firms, such as Time Warner, Andersen Windows, IBM, Novartis, and Avaya. He also has supported top-performing midmarket companies, such as Berlin Packaging, Port Supply, and Performance Distribution Group. For more than 25 years, he has worked with over 3,000 organizations.

Leading Expert on Sales and Customer-Focused Strategies

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Dirk Beveridge, president of 4th Generation Systems, is a professional keynote speaker on sales and customer care. He delivers high impact inspirational, motivational speaking and custom training programs to wholesale distribution audiences.
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