Doug Lipp: Capturing Hearts & Minds

Doug Lipp: Capturing Hearts & Minds


Former Disney executive and President of G. Douglass Lipp Associates, Doug Lipp, takes the stage to discuss the importance of capturing hearts and minds. 

Walt Disney would walk the park at night talking to night staff, gathering information, and asking questions. Disney from the company's inception has been a shrouded in a culture of trust. 

This short but important video shows the topic that Lipp speaks about the most--organizational culture. He believes it is not just a paint of coat that you can slap on every few years. It takes time and patience to seep into the organization.

In front of audiences, Lipp pulls back the curtain and reveals the behaviors, tools and attitudes that are representative of cultural excellence at Disney and other great institutions. He also discusses common organizational traps that undermine companies and impede their ability to build a thriving and sustainable culture.

To learn more about Doug Lipp, visit his speaker pagechat us, or give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

Former Walt Disney Exec and President G. Douglas Lipp Associates

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