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Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi: Teaching Physics In Africa


In this short video, Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi, an internationally-recognized astrophysicist, educator, humanitarian, and TED Fellow, describes his experiences teaching in countries throughout southern Africa and his efforts to find new astronomers in the continent. as part of the 25th Anniversary Chicago Humanities Festival, Journeys. 

Hakeem is not your average astrophysicist. From rural Mississippi, he took a circuitous route to a career in science, with a detour through Silicon Valley. With eight patents under his belt, he moved from the tech world to a life of research, teaching, and the global support of young scientists. He speaks about his inspiring journey and his cutting-edge work on computer, telescope, and in-space propulsion technology.

The video is an excerpt from the full "Hakeem Oluseyi: Star Search" program and a student matinee featuring Hakeem Oluseyi which was recorded on October 26, 2014 as part of the 25th Anniversary Chicago Humanities Festival, Journeys. This program and matinee was generously underwritten by the Lohengrin Foundation, Baxter International, the Illinois Arts Council Agency, and Lorraine and Jay Jaffe.

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Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi, Astrophysicist, Educator, Humanitarian, and TED Fellow

Astrophysicist, Space Science Education Lead for NASA, & Inspirational...

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Dr. Hakeem Olyuseyi, author of a highly-anticipated upcoming memoir, The Stars in My Soul: My Unlikely Journey through Space and Time, is an internationally-recognized astrophysicist, science TV personality, and global education advocate who has had a long, distinguished career in academia and scientific research. Currently, he is stationed at NASA Headquarters, where he serves as an Astrophysicist and Space Science Education Lead for NASA's Science Mission Directorate. A former TED fellow, Dr. Oluseyi holds three degrees, eight U.S. patents, four E.U. patents, and co-hosts several shows on Science Channel and Discovery International, including Outrageous Acts of Science, How the Universe Works, Space's Deepest Secrets, Strange Evidence, You Have Been Warned, and Strip the Cosmos. Dr. Oluseyi’s success is even more impressive given his incredible personal background and story. Motivating audiences globally with his message of persevering past naysayers, self-doubt, and seemingly immovable obstacles, he is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities.

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