Dr. Michele Gelfand On Cultural Differences & Tight-Loose Theory

Dr. Michele Gelfand On Cultural Differences & Tight-Loose Theory


In this video, Dr. Michele Gelfand explains the research from the worldwide assessment on key cultural differences among countries. In today's world, conflicts and misunderstandings frequently arise between those who are from more restrictive cultures and those from less restrictive ones. Now, a new international study led by the University of Maryland offers insights that may help bridge such cultural differences.

In eye-opening and fast-paced presentations that hit on the “cultural DNA” driving and guiding the way we act at work, Gelfand explores why certain companies veer tight while others veer loose. She explores how social norms are informed by these invisible guidebooks, and what that means for not only employee experience but also for our customers, markets, stakeholders, and clients. Gelfand uses real-life examples from the organizations she’s studied to explore how we should be thinking about our work cultures and how to establish the optimal tight-loose balance to create the high-performing culture we all strive for.

Cultural Psychologist, Author, & Distinguished University Professor

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Michele Gelfand is Distinguished University Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Gelfand uses field, experimental, computational and neuroscience methods to understand the evolution of culture and its multilevel consequences for human groups. Her work has been cited over 20,000 times and has been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe, National Public Radio, Voice of America, Fox News, NBC News, ABC News, and The Economist, among other outlets. Most recently, she is the author of "Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire the World"