Eric Garland: Futurist, Intelligence Guy

Eric Garland: Futurist, Intelligence Guy


Futurist Eric Garland explains that futurists think about the future in an organized way, using trends, data, and forecasts of how the world will look and what that means for any given organization. He shares that the future should not be the subject of a motivational speech. You need a lot of things to succeed in the future, but mostly you need reliable information and insightful analysis. Most of what passes for futurism is actually opinion mixed with motivational speech.

For nearly two decades, Eric Garland has been trusted for his unique insight and analysis on economic trends, geopolitics, and society. He personally consults executives on market growth strategy, leads transformative educational sessions for organizations, and specializes in keynotes that spark conversations. Mr. Garland is the founder and Director of Competitive Futures, a competitive analysis firm that provides insight and expert guidance to corporate clients and government agencies. A brief list of not able clients includes Energizer, Coca-Cola, Siemens, the country of France, the City of Charlotte, the state of South Dakota, and the Principality of Monaco, to name a select few.

Futurist, Author, and Economic Expert

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Eric Garland is a writer who deals with the megatrends that affect society, economics and national security, with a special focus on what everyday people must do in a rapidly changing world. Whether discussing potential opportunities from nanotechnology or tracking competitor behavior in pharmaceuticals, Eric Garland's insights help executives make more informed decisions when the organization's future is at stake.
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