Gavin Hewitt: Reshaping of Our World

Gavin Hewitt: Reshaping of Our World


Gavin Hewitt, former BBC Europe Editor, dives into the crazy world of today's politics from the United States to Europe. In the global world we live in, the anti-establishment view is hard to control. Watch the clip above to learn more or call +44-203-440-4196 for more information on Gavin. 

BBC’s Former Europe Editor

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A career broadcaster, Gavin is a gifted communicator who shares his passion and insight with his audience. As the BBC's Europe Editor, Gavin is one of the leading commentators on the Eurozone crisis and the European Economy and is able to offer a unique and important insight into the key issues, the politics of Brussels, and the challenges involved in Europe returning to growth. He has a background in North American politics and has covered most of the US election campaigns in the past twenty years.

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