Gavin Patterson Talks Business Goals

Gavin Patterson Talks Business Goals


In this video, Gary Lineker hosts a rare one-on-one interview with BT Group CEO, Gavin Patterson, who opens up to Gary about the steps the UK's leading communications service has taken since he took on the role in 2013 and his ambition for where he can take it next. In the wide-ranging interview, the BT Group CEO discusses the General Election, Brexit, BT Sport, his views on business and his beloved Liverpool FC. Speaking about Brexit, Gavin Patterson admits that BT may have to look to other key markets outside of Europe, saying “We may just tilt our business towards Asia/ Pacific or America if we find that Europe is not as productive.” On the upcoming general election Gavin Patterson said, “It (the election) creates a lot of instability, I think for the business. But I think if we get a conclusive decision out of it, if the government have a more solid majority, then I think ultimately that will be good for the country.” On Sky, Patterson said, “We always thought there was room for two players in sport. Sky has done a phenomenal job over the years and were clearly market leaders.” Mr Patterson explains that BT Sport wasn't a knee jerk reaction to the battle for broadband with Sky but a way of maximizing BT Fibre for customers by offering their own content; “The key to making that investment (BT Fibre) pay is by getting adoption and for people to see what the real benefit of it is. The benefit of speed (Fibre) comes in video, and we knew sport really did move the dial and that's why we decided to go into it.” Gary Lineker moves the conversation onto Mr Patterson’s own experiences of business and what he believes are some of the key skills to succeed. Although intelligence is important, he doesn't believe you have to be a genius. Being well presented and the ability to make big decisions under pressure are just as key - emotional intelligence. 

Gavin Patterson is the president and chief revenue officer of, Inc., leading the CRM company’s global sales organization. He previously served as president and chief executive of Salesforce International, overseeing their business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin American, and Asia Pacific. Prior to Salesforce, Patterson was Chief Executive at BT for almost six years from 2013 to 2019. BT is a global communications services company bringing together the best networks and technology with the expertise of its people, to enable businesses to grow, communities to thrive and individuals to get more out of life. 

President and Chief Revenue Officer, Salesforce and Former Chief Executive, BT Group

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Gavin Patterson is the president and chief revenue officer of, Inc., leading the CRM company's global sales organization. He previously served as Chief Executive, BT from 2013-19. During his tenure, Patterson completed the UK rollout of the superfast fibre and started the deployment ultrafast fibre. He led the £15billion acquisition of EE, launched BT Sport, expanded BT’s cyber security practice and championed BT’s social purpose agenda. He joined BT in 2004 as MD Consumer and joined the board as CEO BT Retail in 2008. Prior to BT, he spent four years at Virgin Media and nine years at Procter & Gamble. Patterson is a Non-Executive Director at British Airways plc and a Trustee of the British Museum. He graduated from Cambridge University with an MEng in Chemical Engineering.