Glen Hiemstra: THE FUTURIST

Glen Hiemstra: THE FUTURIST


Glen Hiemstra, Founder of and consultant, explores what it means to be a futurist and what drives his work. 

"What is a futurist?" There is a lot that we do not know about the future but if organizations sit back and ride the wave, the outcome won't be good. Glen argues you must have a forward looking projection, mindset into what can happen so you can prepare for tomorrow today. 

As a futurist and consultant and keynote speaker, Glen works with enterprises to determine what kind of future do we want and tries to figure out what the world could look like. In his work, Glen constantly pushes clients to get out the box to see the wider angle and the possibilities, threats, competitors. This process allows organizations and leadership to make better choices today. 

Remembering and dreaming are part of the human capacity allowing us to innovate and imagine. A futurist enhances that already existing human capacity to create a better world than the world right now.  

For more information about Glen Hiemstra and his speaking topics, visit his speaker page or give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

Insightful Futurist and Consultant

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Glen Hiemstra is the Founder and CEO of He is a highly respected consultant and speaker for business, government, and associations who offers insight into surprising developments shaping the 21st century.
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