Graeme Lamb - History Will Not Regret the Iraq War

Graeme Lamb - History Will Not Regret the Iraq War


On March 20, 2003, The United States, Britain, and allied forced banded together to launch an attack against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. This was the beginning of a treacherous and bloody eight year war that would consume the lives of more than 190,000 people  – The Iraq War.  

The Iraq War would go down in history as one of the most influential armed conflicts, involving the United Nations. In efforts to rid Iraq of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WDM’s), American militia led British and allied forces into an invasion of Iraq, known as ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’. This two part full-scale guerrilla warfare invasion, resulted in the execution of Saddam Hussein, Uday Hussein, and Qusay Hussein, among other terror group members.

In this heated debate, former UK Special Forces and Commander of the British Field Army, Graeme Lamb argues against The Oxford Union Society’s view on the Iraq War. Opening with a heart-wrenching quote from James Elroy Flecker’s poem “Hassan”, Graeme uses historical accounts of leadership, military data, and geopolitical analyses to defend his expert perspective on why the Iraq War was necessary. Watch as he expresses his remorseless participation in capital punishment, in efforts to reject The Oxford Union Society’s motion.

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Fmr Dir UK Special Forces & Cmmdr of the British Field Army; Sr Fellow at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

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A three-star general, General Sir Graeme Lamb is the former Director of the United Kingdom’s Special Forces (UKSF). His operational experience is truly global having been deployed, or in direct support of those deployments, to virtually all the UK’s major conflicts since 1973. A no-nonsense and engaging speaker with the ability to bring to life complex issues, involve those who listen and visualize the outcomes. His views on leaders and leadership are fresh and insightful, humble, and inclusive. While his reflections on people, purpose, and pay re-prioritize our thinking. Graeme discusses leadership and the value of "looking at problems differently". Using his vast military experience, his understanding of history and human nature, he inspires audiences to reconsider their assessments of situations, the way they perceive information and even challenging their sub-conscious or reflexive take on what they know or believe.