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Salim Ismail discusses breakthrough growth and exponential organizations that are taping into external resources to transform their business model and grow beyond a traditional linear rate. Salim highlights areas of potential future disruption and explains the transformative technologies coming down the pipeline.

Founder of OpenExO & ExO Works

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Salim Ismail is the Founder of OpenExO and ExO Works, the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations—required reading at the world’s top brands, a sought-after technology strategist, and a renowned entrepreneur with ties to Yahoo!, Google, and Singularity University. The former executive director at Singularity University and a former Yahoo! exec who built and sold his company to Google, he consults on innovation and growth. Believing that “if you aren’t disrupting your business or industry, someone else is,” he shares jaw-dropping insights on how companies can leverage technology and strategy to grow 10 times faster than their peers. He turns cutting edge ideas into thriving start-ups and applies leading-edge thinking to invigorate industries.