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Healing Dysfunction in Washington

description Politics in America is broken. Washington gridlock stymies campaign finance reform, immigration reform, corporate tax reform, and more. Washington politics needs a reboot. As an outsider looking in, KATTY KAY offers observations on the state of U.S. politics and its impact on America’s ability to navigate a complex, uncertain world. Washington DC-based KATTY KAY is the lead anchor for BBC World News America where she reports on U.S. economic and political news and global affairs. Katty (pronounced CAT-TEE) is a frequent guest on NBC’s Meet the Press and Real Time with Bill Maher. She is also a regular guest and substitute co-host on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Katty is a popular speaker at conferences and events who addresses two areas: current political events and women’s issues. Regarding politics, Katty addresses American politics and global affairs from the fresh perspective of someone who has lived in and reported from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, and now Washington D.C. Looking beyond the usual headlines, she provides valuable insights on the top stories making news right now — the challenges facing the President and Congress, the election outlook, global economic news, the world trouble spots, diplomatic dustups, terrorism update, environmental crises, and more. The subject of women in the workplace has been of particular interest to Katty. She juggles a demanding journalism career with the challenges she and her husband have raising four children. This has led her to address two core issues that resonate deeply with women today: the role of confidence, and the opportunity to redefine work on your own terms. Katty is co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know, which inspires women to understand that confidence is a game-changing choice. To build greater confidence and success, Katty recommends that women break out of their comfort zones and take risks that can pay off in measurable ways. Katty’s previous book, Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success, also a New York Times bestseller, also co-authored with Claire Shipman. It examines the workplace revolution that has inspired many women to take control, dream big, and weave work into their lives in new ways. In the process, women can help create more profitable companies with happier and more productive and engaged employees. The daughter of a British diplomat, Katty grew up in the Middle East. Her career began in Zimbabwe in 1990 where she filed reports for BBC World Service radio; she also covered the end of apartheid in South Africa. Katty then worked as a BBC correspondent in London and Tokyo, where she reported on stories including the Kobe earthquake and the Japanese recession. She settled in Washington DC in 1996 to join The Times Washington bureau before returning to the BBC in 2002. Katty has covered the Clinton administration sex scandal, three Presidential elections and the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. She was at the Pentagon just 20 minutes after a hijacked plane flew into the building on 9/11. For more:
Author and Lead Anchor of BBC World News America
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Katty Kay is the lead anchor of BBC World News America, has covered the world’s biggest news stories, and has interviewed scores of political dignitaries and business leaders. She is also the co-author of two New York Times best-sellers. She brings her skills to live events with outstanding results as either a moderator or keynote speaker. Her presentations are engaging, insightful, witty, and instinctively global.
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