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How to Get People to STEP UP and Be Accountable


Get FREE leadership tips at Have you ever though to yourself... "We need our people to step-up and be accountable"?    Here's some wisdom on ACCOUNTABILITY for you...   I talk to leaders everyday about creating a culture of accountability and a CONCEPT I call...   100 / 0   That's 100% responsibility. Zero excuses.     If you're heard me speak about leadership than you may be familiar with this concept already. I've had this conversation with companies like Microsoft, Dupont and Qantas.    What I've discovered is that leaders don't want their people to be ACCOUNTABLE.    What they really want is for their people to be 100% RESPONSIBLE.    It may sound like a subtle difference.   But, leaders like you, don't want to go around HOLDING people accountable all day long.     What you want, is for your employees to STEP-UP and take ownership... even when no-one is watching them.  Watch the video now.   In the comments below, we want to hear from you. What have you done to inspire a culture of 100% responsibility? Dr John Izzo is a keynote speaker on leadership, accountability, employee engagement and change management.

Bestselling Author and Thought Leader

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John Izzo presents a unique combination of practical ideas and high-level "big picture" thinking that leaders want. He is an expert in retaining good people, the new work environment and corporate culture. The founder of Izzo Consulting Inc., he is well known in leadership circles a respected authority and trainer on creative leadership, engagement, performance, retention and corporate culture.

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