Jeff Eggers: The Enduring Myth of Heroic Leadership

Jeff Eggers: The Enduring Myth of Heroic Leadership


Organizational performance expert and executive director of the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute, Jeff Eggers discusses 21st century leadership and how it’s made easier through predictability. He describes the importance of a “culture of us” and why leaders need not exist above those they lead.

In this video of his speech at the Worldwebforum, Jeff takes on the myth of heroic leadership – drawing on his experiences from the White House and the US Navy to share with the audience how to lead high-performing teams and outlines that it is a humble leadership style, rather than a heroic one, that promotes humility, empowered employees, and a team mentality.

Jeff Eggers is a senior policy advisor, security professional, executive coach, and leadership consultant with more than 20 years’ experience leading high-performing teams for the White House, Department of Defense, and US Navy. A trusted advisor to senior US government officials, Eggers served as President Obama’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, where he oversaw critical and sensitive aspects of US foreign and national security policy. Eggers is a passionate advocate for evolving models of leadership that take into account 21st century dynamics including generational clashes, rapidly advancing technologies, and shifting geopolitical forces. He believes that employees need to be empowered to make decisions in real time, and that teams operating with a powerful sense of purpose and empowered execution are most successful.

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Organizational Performance Expert & Executive Director of the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute

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As a senior policy advisor, security professional, and leadership consultant, Jeff Eggers leverages 20+ years of experience managing strategic efforts and leading high-stakes, high-performing teams during his time with the White House, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Navy.