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Jon Dijulius on How to Promote Unforgettable Customer Service


Leading expert, John Dijulius talks about how to promote unforgettable customer service in everyday business.

Author & International Consultant and Entrepreneur
  • Local: $10,001 - $20,000*
  • US East: $10,001 - $20,000*
  • US West: $10,001 - $20,000*
  • Europe: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • Asia: Please Inquire
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John DiJulius is an international consultant and best selling author of two books, Secret Service (2003) & What's the Secret (2008) . John isn't just talking about it, he lives it, as a very successful entrepreneur of two business; John Robert's Spa, a chain of upscale Cleveland locations, repeatedly named one of the top 20 salons in America and The DiJulius Group, a consulting firm focused on changing the world by creating a Customer service revolution.
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