Jon Steinberg Speaks at Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas


Jon Steinberg, the President and CEO of Cheddar and former President and COO of Buzzfeed, was one of the incredible keynote speakers at our 2018 Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas conference on February 23rd.

Steinberg is a high-energy and refreshingly irreverent speaker who mixes hard data and humorous anecdotes to illustrate lessons on skating to the puck and getting ahead of industry trends. During his presentation, Steinberg talked about the shifting digital landscape and the future of media. He offered the audience a rare look at how an innovator’s mind works as they seek out holes in the market and make big business bets on them. He also shared insights on the early days of Buzzfeed and how his team grew it, why the future of media is “appointment only,” and why the next big thing “always looks like a toy at first.”

Watch his full presentation above.