Josh Earnest: Responsibility of the White House Press Secretary


Former Obama White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, dissects what it takes to be a press secretary in any administration. Josh continues with a thoughtful yet analytical response to the mid-term elections of 2018. Earnest shares that the responsibility he had as a Press Secretary was to collect facts that could help people understand why their president was doing something and what evidence we had that it either was already working or was most likely to work in the future.

A legendary communications strategist, Josh Earnest was selected by President Obama to assume the most-visible job in American politics as White House press secretary in 2014. He quickly distinguished himself as a tactful and charismatic White House ambassador earning the respect of Washington insiders in both parties for his ability to marshal facts and construct persuasive arguments, even during heated exchanges with the White House press corps. Whether managing a legislative setback, celebrating a diplomatic breakthrough, or reacting to a terror attack, Earnest earned a reputation for uncommon poise under an intense spotlight where there is no margin for error. Voted the “best White House press secretary I’ve worked with” by White House correspondents surveyed by Politico in 2015, Earnest provides his informed take on political issues inside the Beltway and breaking news around the world. He is currently Chief Communications Officer for United Airlines.

Former White House Press Secretary, United Airlines CCO, & Well Known Political Commentator

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From town hall meetings on the campaign trail in Iowa to private meetings in the Oval Office, Josh Earnest spent a decade advising and advocating for President Obama. Today, he takes audiences behind the scenes and offers his engaging and honest analysis of the current (and future) political landscape.