Kal Kallaugher Speaks at Inspire: Leading Authorities' Day of Ideas


Kevin “Kal” Kallaugher is well known for his works in The Economist, The Baltimore Sun and the online newsletter Counterpoint. He’s had the honor of working with The Economist since 1978 and is their first ever resident cartoonist in their 145-year history. His cartoons have also appeared in more than 100 publications worldwide. You can find a collection of his works in his recent book Daggers Drawn.  

Kal's presentations are both fun and informative. Audiences will learn tricks of the trade for sketching and take part in an interactive drawing lesson, so bring your pen and paper! In addition to his drawings, Kal emphasizes the importance of developing a narrative and how symbolism like elephants, donkeys, and Uncle Sam can communicate the meaning of a story.

An exceptionally accomplished satirist, Kal has covered historically tough subjects such as war, politics and religion. He has published over 8,000 cartoons and is especially apt at drawing heads of state, many of whom are featured in his cartoons over the past four decades. Listen in while Kal takes this audience down memory lane with punchy discourse, historical insights, and memorable headlines. As it’s been said before, cartoons and satire are essential to a mature democracy.

Kevin Kallaugher has lectured at TED, Harvard, Pixar, and Google among others and offers an exciting twist for events and meetings. You can contact us via phone, email, chat, or visit Kallaugher’s page to read more about his unique and engaging presentations.