Kerry Hannons Fitness Plan | When I'm 65

Kerry Hannons Fitness Plan | When I'm 65


In this video, PBS Next Avenue author, Kerry Hannon, shares 3 basic steps to help you get 'fit' for retirement. Her first recommendation is to get physically fit, and that doesn't mean running a super fast mile or bench pressing - it's simply having a physical fitness about you, whether that's eating healthy or having an exercise plan of some sort. The second step is to get financially fit and open and resilient to making the necessary changes. The third and final step is to get spiritually fit  get centered and quiet the noise to make clearer decisions about what you want to do.

Kerry Hannon is a best-selling author, highly-acclaimed columnist, and nationally-recognized expert and strategist on career transitions, personal finance, retirement, and entrepreneurship, especially for older women. She is a sought-after national keynote speaker and moderator who speaks on a variety of topics focused on personal finance, retirement, and career transitions and strategies, at large events and conferences across the country. She is also a frequent TV and radio commentator. Kerry focuses on developing strategies to empowering yourself to do more with your career and personal finances – now and for the future.

Author, Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Nationally-Recognized Expert in Personal Finance, Retirement, & Career Planning

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Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized expert and strategist on career transitions, entrepreneurship, personal finance and retirement. She is a frequent TV and radio commentator and is a sought-after keynote speaker at conferences across the country.