Larry Pfeiffer on the Situation Room

Larry Pfeiffer on the Situation Room


In this video, former Senior Director of the White House Situation Room and former CIA Chief of Staff, Larry Pfeiffer, discusses the Situation Room in great detail. He gives many unique insights from his time working in it, as well as some history of the room.

Larry Pfeiffer is a Managing Director at The Chertoff Group, where he advises the Firm’s clientele on the current risk environment while helping them better understand the policy and program impacts arising from today’s threat vectors. He is a highly respected and recognized expert in the areas of national and homeland security policy, crisis management, secure networked communications, intelligence strategy, analysis and collection, overt and covert operations, and budgetary matters.

Former Senior Director of the White House Situation Room; Former CIA Chief of Staff

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At the White House, Mr. Pfeiffer served as Senior Director of the Situation Room where he independently led the President’s 24/7 operations and intelligence center, providing timely intelligence and information to the President and most senior National Security advisors. He also expanded and managed the President’s national security secure communications and information technology infrastructure to better support senior leaders during times of greatest emergency. Building on an expansive career across multiple intelligence organizations, Mr. Pfeiffer served six Directors and two Acting Directors at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), including three years as Chief of Staff.