Leading During Times Of Crisis | LAI

Leading During Times Of Crisis | LAI


Famed business strategist Ram Charan shares his wisdom from years of working with top companies on how to manage, motivate, and inspire growth in teamwork during times of crisis. He goes over how to keep up momentum and not let innovation die when times may seem dire, referencing stories from his time at major corporations. His straightforward delivery and pragmatic attitude ground him as he goes over these valuable insights. Click above to watch this informational video. 

In his work with companies including Toyota, Bank of America, Key Bank, ICICI Bank, Aditya Birla Group, and more, Ram Charan is known for cutting through the complexity of running a business in today’s fast changing environment to uncover the core business problem. His real-world solutions, shared with millions through his books and articles in top business publications, have been praised for being practical, relevant and highly actionable — the kind of advice you can use Monday morning.  Jack Welch, former Chairman of GE said, “He has the rare ability to distill meaningful from meaningless and transfer it to others in a quiet, effective way.”

Expert on Business Strategy

  • Local: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • US East: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • US West: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • Europe: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • Asia: $75,001 and up*
Ram Charan is a world-renowned business advisor, author, and speaker who has spent the past 35 years working with top companies, CEOs, and boards. He is the best-selling author of 17 books – including Boards that Lead and Execution – that have sold more than two million copies He discusses growth, innovation, corporate governance, succession planning, and leadership; and has been called a “top 10 resource for in-house executive development” by BusinessWeek. A sought-after advisor for his ability to guide boards and CEOs, Charan provides practical, take-home strategies.