The Life and Legacy of Vince Papale

The Life and Legacy of Vince Papale


In this video, we learn about the life and legacy of Vince Papale, a legendary NFL player and the inspiration for the movie Invincible. In the clip, Papale explains how growing up all we wanted was to be accepted, to be part of a team, and to be a Philadelphia Eagle.

A middle school teacher and part-time bartender, Vince Papale left his hometown of Interboro, Pennsylvania in the spring of 1974 to try out for the Philadelphia Bell of the World Football League.  He made the team as a wide receiver and played for them for two seasons.  In 1976, at the age of 30, Vince tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles, made the team, and became the oldest rookie in the history of the NFL.  He still holds that record today.  Mr. Papale was with the Eagles for four seasons as a wide receiver and was voted Special Teams Captain by his teammates. A shoulder injury ended his career in 1979.  Mr. Papale was voted "Man of the Year" by the Eagles in 1978 for his many charitable activities.  

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Legendary NFL Player and Inspiration for the Movie Invincible

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Living a fairy tale in real life, Vince Papale recounts how he made an unprecedented leap from part-time bartender and teacher to full-time NFL player. With his upbeat story of perseverance, Papale is an example of how anyone can beat the odds and achieve stunning success.
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