Lonnie Mayne: What Is Red Shoe Living?

Lonnie Mayne: What Is Red Shoe Living?


In this video, Lonnie Mayne, CEO and Founder of Red Shoes Living, talks about 2 aspects of Red Shoes Living - the philosophy and the framework. The philosophy is about standing up for the positive in everything you do and standing out in how you're treating people. It is about putting out red shoe quality and making sure that what you are putting out is meaningful for the person receiving it from you. When you do this, reverse red shoe starts to happen - you're putting it out there and it's starting to come back to you. The framework of Red Shoes Living is what they take to workshops and apply to companies. They thread the framework so that it is relevant and supports the meaningful work that the company is trying to accomplish.

Lonnie Mayne is an internationally recognized high performance consultant, #1 rated keynote speaker, and published author. He’s the founder and pioneer of Red Shoes Living – an award-winning philosophy and five-step framework that leadership teams are deploying organization-wide to engage employees, win the battle for top talent, create standout customer experiences, and build meaningful cultures that people get inspired to be a part of. Red Shoes Living is a call to stand out for the positive in all that you do. It is a way of life that elevates all of the things we care about most: work, play, family, friends, and community.

In speeches, Lonnie is known for his impressive storytelling, sharing the powerful message of Red Shoe Living while also providing an actionable framework to create Red Shoe Experiences that catapult an organization’s success and change the lives of teams. He emotionally connects with audience members, using first-hand lessons-learned from his experience building companies and cultures to inspire them to stand out and change the way they show up in the world and workplace.

CEO & Founder of Red Shoes Living

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Lonnie Mayne is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, author and executive performance advisor to many of the top brands and most influential leaders in business and community today. He is a former technology and turnaround executive who has developed and advanced the concept of Red Shoes Living into one of the most innovative themes of our times.