Lord Digby Jones on UK Economy

Lord Digby Jones on UK Economy


He tells Emma Crosby that the economic growth is “definitely sustainable” because “a lot of new jobs are being created by businesses that are exporting”.

Former Director General of the UK’s Confederation of British Industry

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Lord Digby Jones is the former director general of the UK’s Confederation of British Industry, the former minister of State for Trade and Investment, and the author of Fixing Britain. With a straight-talk approach, he is one of the world’s most acclaimed business commentators and known as “the face of British business.” Jones addresses the reforms needed to spur growth in the UK and highlights how businesses can stay in the globalised economic race. As one of the world's most acclaimed business commentators, Digby entertains and inspires audiences around the globe, with his memorable, bespoke presentations at conferences, seminars, and dinners.