Maddy Dychtwald On The Cyclic Lifeplan

Maddy Dychtwald On The Cyclic Lifeplan


In this video, Maddy Dychtwald, a nationally recognized author and one of the world’s leading experts on Leading Authority on aging, generational marketing, lifestyle, and trends, talks about the concept of the linear line plan, or the prescribed order to life that made sense to follow when life was shorter because it was very age-defined and it was very gender-defined, but the current life plan has dramatically changed from how it used to be because people are living longer and people are constantly changing the way in which they work and live together as a population.

Maddy is the co-founder and senior Vice President of Age Wave and internationally-recognized author of multiple books, including Women and Money: Beyond the Bottom Line. Since co-founding Age Wave over 30 years ago, Maddy has been deeply involved in investigating and forecasting the lifestyle, marketing, and retirement implications of the age wave. She has also emerged as an authority on the economic ascent of women and its impact on various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and consumer marketing

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Leading Expert on Aging, Generational Marketing, Lifestyle, & Trends

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One of the nation’s leading experts on the lifestyle, marketing, and retirement implications of the "age wave," she has spent more than twenty years deeply involved in exploring all aspects of this subject.