Maddy Dychtwald On Generational Diversity

Maddy Dychtwald On Generational Diversity


In this video, Maddy Dychtwald, a nationally recognized author and one of the world’s leading experts on changing demographic trends and generational marketing, talks about generational diversity and how understanding generational diversity has become even more important for people in today’s world because people are living longer lives, new and evolving family complexities present at home, and new ways of working and living together.

Maddy starts out by identifying the four generations that exist in the workplace today, which include:

  1. The Silent generation
  2. Baby boomers
  3. Generation Xers
  4. Millennials

Then, she defines the different and unique cohort characteristics of each of the four generations and provides insights into the unique qualities, traits, values, and attitudes that exist for individuals that fall into each of these four different generations and how that shows up in the workplace.

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One of the nation’s leading experts on the lifestyle, marketing, and retirement implications of the "age wave," she has spent more than twenty years deeply involved in exploring all aspects of this subject.