Matt Oczkowski Data Strategy for the Trump Campaign

Matt Oczkowski Data Strategy for the Trump Campaign


Cambridge Analytica product head Matt Oczkowski joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what trends the company discovered that helped predict the results of the 2016 election.

President, Data Propria

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Throughout his career, Mr. Oczkowski has worked at the intersection of where product development meets data science to forecast, predict, and analyze commercial markets and American elections. Prior to his work at Data Propria, Mr. Oczkowski also served as Head of Product for Cambridge Analytica where he most notably ran the team of embedded technical specialists inside the Trump Campaign that led to the scientific understanding of the eventual outcome of the election - a scenario that pundits missed. Using tactics from the worlds of: behavioral science, growth hacking, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and NLP, Mr. Oczkowski successfully connects behavioral dots together to make informed decisions about groups of people.