McChrystal Group Leadership Forum Video | LAI

McChrystal Group Leadership Forum Video | LAI


General Stanley McChrystal is Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan and is praised for creating a revolution in warfare that infused intelligence and operations. He is also the accomplished author of multiple books including Team of Teams, My Share of the Tasks and Leaders: Myth and Reality. Today, General McChrystal is focused on sharing his field-tested leadership lessons and team building through the work of his company, The McChrystal Group. Co-founded in 2011, iMcChrystal Group's mission is to help organizations tap into human potential in service of stronger business outcomes. 

The objective of the McChrystal Group Leadership Forum is to evolve mindsets and ways of working by understanding the structural and behavioral barriers inhibiting growth. It is designed as a 24 hour intense exercise to tap into potential, gain awareness in what we do, why we do it, and what our beliefs are. Throughout the process, individuals learn skill sets and traits they can bring back to organizations to create more efficient teams and compete in a complex and interconnected business environment.

Organizations have to move quickly now that problems need to be solved not just by leaders filtering down information, but by every individual. Companies experience a lot of the same problems. The Leadership Forum is a specifically crafted environment where participants engage in a series of exercises, listen to ideas from other leaders, and walk away with unique perspective on how they can wrestle with a wide array of issues.

Each exercise is steeped into the heart of the Team of Teams story, learning skill sets and traits you can apply, sharing information, and understanding different types of culture to overcome barriers of communication and collaboration. To learn more about The Leadership Forum and the simulations for structural innovation you can contact us via phone at 1-800-SPEAKER, e-mail or chat, or visit General McChrystal’s speaker page.

From Navy SEALs to legislative and policy experts, the McChrystal Group brings a wealth of practical leadership experience in running multi-national, multi-agency, culturally diverse, and geographically dispersed organizations. From the battlefield to the boardroom, McChrystal Group has assembled the best leadership practices into a transformational leadership system called CrossLead