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Mega Trends in Business


Honest Tea founder and CEO Seth Goldman discusses why health, fair trade labor standards, and organic production are at the nexus of future business success. He explains how sometimes the problems you first see are ultimately the solution to your business success and why the business world is the key to solving larger social issues.

Co-Founder and TeaEO Emeritus of Honest Tea, Executive Chairman of Beyond...
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Seth Goldman is the TeaEO Emeritus and Co-Founder of Honest Tea, Executive Chairman of Beyond Meat, and the NYT best-selling author of Mission in a Bottle. Founded in his kitchen, he transformed Honest Tea into the nation’s top-selling organic bottled tea, which is now one of Inc. magazine’s “fastest growing companies.” With his commitment to mission-driven innovation, Goldman leads a company known for thinking outside the box. He shares the secret ingredient to Honest Tea’s success and gives audiences practical takeaways about driving growth and being profitable while staying true to an organization’s values and mission.
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