Michael Abrashoff: Focusing on What's Important

Michael Abrashoff: Focusing on What's Important


Being a team player means having enough trust in those around you to let them contribute. When captaining a 350-crew member ship, relying only on yourself to get the job done is a recipe for disaster. Being the leader and team player that he is, Michael Abrashoff took it upon himself to interview all 350 crew members to find out what it is they know, what they want to know, and how he can help them achieve their goals. By focusing on what was important to the crew, Michael made systematic changes that shaped the entire US Navy – all thanks to trusting and supporting his team.

Even deeper, Michael saw that he shared many similarities with his crew: a modest upbringing, the dream of going to college, and the difficult search for ways to afford education. Thus, Michael began to offer SAT courses on board for the sailors to boost their chances of reaching their aspirations.

An author of the New York Times bestseller, “It’s Your Ship”, Michael Abrashoff has honed his many years in the Navy into teachable moments and tactics for all audiences. As a speaker, Michael uses humorous and heartfelt appeals to drive home his message of team work even in the toughest of situations.

To learn more about Michael Abrashoff’s time in the Navy, his leadership tactics, and the national effects of his management strategy, visit his speaker profile page.

Former Naval Commander & Author of It's Your Ship

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Mike Abrashoff is at the center of a tale of amazing organizational transformation. He took command of the near-worst ship in the Pacific Fleet; within twelve months it became the best ship in the entire Navy – using the same crew. How underperformers turned into overachievers makes for an inspiring presentation filled with practical lessons about learning to lead differently and new ways to create a high-performance culture of trust.