Michael Froman: Bilateral Trade Leaves US Vulnerable

Michael Froman: Bilateral Trade Leaves US Vulnerable


Former U.S. trade representative Michael Froman discusses what new trade policies mean for the U.S and how other parts of the world are approaching trade going forward. Froman also examines Donald Trump's outlook on trade policy.

US Trade Rep; Fmr. Deputy Nat'l Sec. Advisor for International Economic Affairs

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Ambassador Michael Froman is the Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth for MasterCard, where he focuses on launching new businesses and driving inclusive growth efforts. In his former role as United States Trade Representative, Froman was President Obama’s principal advisor, negotiator and spokesperson on international trade and investment issues. Ambassador Froman led the Office of the United States Trade Representative in its work to open global markets for U.S. goods and services, enforced America’s rights in the global trading system, and fostered development through trade.