Michael Morell: National Security Implications of a COVID-19 World


This is an short excerpt from a full-length virtual fireside chat hosted by Leading Authorities in support of No Kid Hungry. 

Michael Morell, Former Deputy and Acting Director of the CIA and author of the best-seller The Great War Of Our Time, answers the not so simple question of "What keeps you up at night?" Now being a former Acting Director of the CIA, Morell knows a lot of things about a lot of things. Yet he lays out a simple and easy to understand answer that captivates audiences virtually and in-person. Morell's demeanor and knowledge are translatable to the every day human. 

Yes, Morell worries about national security. But the last question he answers asks "What gives you hope?" Morell eloquently and confidently states that the technology will have a positive and lasting impact on our society as well as the younger generations. After visiting colleges around the country, Morell is inspired and excited to see the changes that will be brought about by these young people. 

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Former Deputy and Acting Director of the CIA and Author of the Best-Seller The Great War Of Our Time

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Michael Morell is the former deputy director – and twice acting director – of the CIA and one of the agency’s most legendary leaders. One of the country’s most-respected national security experts, he is the only official who was with both President Bush during September 11th and President Obama during the raid on Osama Bin Laden – which Morell had been integral in planning. He is an emotionally-moving storyteller, and in high-impact presentations, he shares insights and insider stories on current events and geopolitics as he navigates the clandestine web of politics and security.