Mick Ebeling: The Power of Human Resilience


Every day Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs, discovers new ways of achieving the impossible--from 3D printed prosthetics to speech technology for ALS patients. Needless to say his work is innovative. During this time of great uncertainty and quite frankly unknownness, we need to find our own drive for innovation. 

Mick is here to talk about how his Not Impossible Lab tackles big challenges. Technology for the sake of humanity is the guiding principle dealt with day in and day out. By saying yes to the absurdities of the world, Mick and his team take the improbability out of the absurdity and make it real and solvable. 

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Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs and Author of Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn't Be Done

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Mick Ebeling is an American film, television and commercial executive producer as well as an author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He was named as on one of the Top 50 Most Creative People of 2014, won the SXSW Innovation Award twice in a row (2014 and 2015), and was awarded the 2014 Muhammed Ali Humanitarian of the Year Award. He is the CEO of Not Impossible, an organization that develops creative technology solutions to address real-world problems.