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Retail guru Paco Underhill talks about smart shopping at the grocery store.

Founding President of Envirosell & Expert On Global Consumer Trends
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Paco Underhill is one of the era’s leading shopping anthropologists and the founding president of Envirosell, a behavioral research and consultancy firm focused on commercial environments. A pioneer and expert in global consumer behavior and trends, Underhill has spent decades researching shopping patterns. His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, was an internationally-recognized best-seller and has been published in 28 languages. The success of his three best-selling books and his retail insight makes him a highly sought-after resource, and his columns and editorials have appeared in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. A highly-regarded speaker, Paco has delivered keynote speeches at conferences, universities, and corporations spanning the globe for over a decade. From buying behavior to consumerism in the modern world, his insightful and entertaining presentations have been lauded worldwide.
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