Motivation & Customer Service Expert Scott Deming | LAI

Motivation & Customer Service Expert Scott Deming | LAI


In this video, customer service expert, Scott Deming, shares valuable information about branding and improving customer experience. He dives into current brands that are crying wolf - which is any organization that for some reason makes a proclamation or claim that their service does something and then when they drive people to experience it, they fall flat. 

Here’s the formula for sustainable success: Find several great customers, turn them into evangelists, and they will take you to the promise land! If this sounds easy, it is. However, it’s highly unlikely you will turn your external customers into loyal evangelists until you turn your internal customers (your employees) into loyal evangelists.

Branding & Customer Service Expert and Author

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Scott Deming takes his twenty years of business ownership, board positions, working with small, independently owned companies as well as multi-national corporations and employee relationship expertise. Scott Deming speaks for and trains companies across the globe – big and small, in just about every industry. From CEOs to business owners to managers to sales people to customer service reps, Scott Deming’s programs have transformed individuals and organizations alike, showing them the real process for customer evangelism and lasting customer loyalty.