Nataly Kogan on Happiness

Nataly Kogan on Happiness


Nataly Kogan is the Founder of Happier, a global and technology platform dedicated to helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential by adopting scientifically proven practices to improve well-being. 

Happiness isn't some bonus after achieving. It's something you do. You actively have to work for it. 

Kogan's family escaped from Soviet Union in the late 80s and moved to Detroit, MI. As a young child, Kogan was fixated by the American dream to be happy. She sought to achieve happiness by getting a college degree, a solid job, running a startup. These achievements made her proud but not happy. Why wasn't she happy after she achieved what she thought was the American dream?

After much studying, Kogan came to realize the importance of being present and focusing on small positive moments. Now she helps others live fully--in the good and the bad moments. 

For more information about happiness expert and keynote speaker, Nataly Kogan, visit her speaker page, chat with us or give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

Founder of Happier, Happiness Expert and Tech Entrepreneur

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Nataly Kogan is a former VC and the founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform helping individuals and organizations to realize full potential by adopting scientifically-proven practices that improve their well-being.