Navy SEAL Scott Moore on Leadership

Navy SEAL Scott Moore on Leadership


In this video, Scott Moore, Expert on Building and Leading “No-Fail” Teams and United States Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.), discusses leadership roles, the mindset of a leader, and what makes individuals successful. Moore explains the two types of leadership roles we can take on, a typical positional leadership role or a situational leadership role—where one recognizes that someone needs to take charge and becomes the one to do it. He draws from his Navy SEAL experience to share that as a leader, you learn 10x more from your failures than your success, and the importance of viewing these situations as learning opportunities.

Having served 30 years as a SEAL leader, retired Rear Admiral Scott Moore is a master in organizational leadership and team-building. He served in every leadership position in the SEAL teams, including the former commander of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and closed out his career as the number two leader in the entire SEAL organization. He understands the importance of leadership and cohesiveness like few others can, and his experience runs the gamut from leading small groups to large-scale tactical planning. From the mountains of Afghanistan to briefings in the Oval Office, Moore is the man our leaders trusted when failure was not an option.

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US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.)

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Rear Admiral Scott Moore is the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare. From the mountains of Afghanistan to briefings in the Oval Office, he is the man our nation’s leaders trust when failure is not an option. Whether leading a group of men or interfacing with Pakistani military leaders, he directed more than 2,000 missions and was involved in the marquee moments of our nation’s history. His presentations are a nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping glimpse into what it takes to create and lead high-performing teams.