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Erik Weihenmayer Kayaks the Grand Canyon


Imagine you can't see, and you're trying to ride an avalanche of water. Blind adventurer Erik Weihenmayer who previously has conquered Mount Everest and climbed all Seven Summits -- successfully completed what he called his most challenging journey yet: kayaking the Grand Canyon. Calling blind kayaking the scariest thing he's ever done, Erik made his way through 277 miles of rapids over three weeks, directed only by his guides voice. In this powerful new video, Erik Weihenmayer explains his No Barriers way of living, and why it is so important to overcome what you previously thought to be impossible.

World-Class Blind Adventurer

  • Local: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • US East: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • US West: $55,001 - $75,000*
  • Europe: $75,001 and up*
  • Asia: $75,001 and up*
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Erik Weihenmayer is a world-class adventurer, the first blind man to summit Mount Everest, and one of only 150 mountaineers to climb the Seven Summits. His latest and most demanding adventure is kayaking the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon. One of the most exciting and well-known athletes in the world, he never let his lack of vision interfere with his quality of life. Weihenmayer’s feats have earned him incredible press coverage and dozens of awards. He is also the author of two books and addresses leadership, teamwork, overcoming adversity, motivation, and inspiration.
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