Welcome to another installment of the People of Science where we breakdown the common misconception of what someone in science is like. This time, we have a very special guest - Ozan Varol, the author of the new book 'Think like a Rocket Scientist', available right now on Amazon and wherever else you can find books ( to make it easy for you to find everywhere) Use this link to buy on Amazon (by using our affiliate link below you also support this podcast! We get a small piece of the transaction for sending you there) Ozan draws from the most important lessons he learned from his previous profession as a rocket scientist and comes up with a unique playbook for all workplaces. I personally had an amazing time talking with him, as I found so many parallels with him based on his experience as a person of science. I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this episode, and of course, read his book. There are so many lessons that Ozan does a great job of expressing in our interview and in the book. If you are a fan of this podcast you WILL be a fan of this book. It's also an easy read - which is saying something considering its a book about how to think like a rocket scientist. A big thanks to the folks at BroadsidePR for getting me in touch and reaching out! Hope you enjoy!