Paco Underhill: Money$marts

Paco Underhill: Money$marts


From the smell of a bakery in a grocery store, to product placement in a clothing store, retailers are subtly manipulating the buying habits of consumers. According to founding President of Enviroosell and Global Consumer Trends Expert Paco Underhill, “Everything is intentional”. In this video, Paco shares with AARP Washington State the hidden secrets to merchandising in supermarkets.

While defining the relationship between the consumer and persuasive merchandising, Paco identifies key impulsive buying triggers and its’ crippling impact on consumer patterns of consumption. Watch his examination of the strategic sensory tactics merchants use, in order to entice us to make purchases.

With over 20 years of extensive experience in behavioral research and consulting, Paco Underhill is internationally known for his best-selling books, columns, and editorials on consumer behavior. His work has been featured on notable publications such as The New York Times, Money Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

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Founding President of Envirosell & Expert On Global Consumer Trends

  • Local: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • US East: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • US West: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • Europe: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • Asia: $20,001 - $35,000*
Paco Underhill is one of the era’s leading shopping anthropologists and the founding president of Envirosell, a behavioral research and consultancy firm focused on commercial environments. A pioneer and expert in global consumer behavior and trends, Underhill has spent decades researching shopping patterns. His first book, Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, was an internationally-recognized best-seller and has been published in 28 languages. The success of his three best-selling books and his retail insight makes him a highly sought-after resource, and his columns and editorials have appeared in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. A highly-regarded speaker, Paco has delivered keynote speeches at conferences, universities, and corporations spanning the globe for over a decade. From buying behavior to consumerism in the modern world, his insightful and entertaining presentations have been lauded worldwide.